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Natural Semi-Permanent Make Up

V'8D Signature3.png

V'8D Signature

Add on Hairline in between your brows with light based color. The perfect match of two make natural effect.

V'Make Up Brow

Bring you make up effect. Natural brown based color. To have light, medium and dark natural color in your eyebrow.

V'Make Up Brow2.png
V'Natural Liner2.png

V'Natural Liners 

A fine line in between your eyelashes, a light in your eyes. Enhance vividness of your eyes and effect in thicker eyelashes.

V'Natural Lips

Brightening darker lip, enhancing lip color. Not red not pink just natural. After lip embroidery, apply lip bulm will do.

V'Natural Lip2.png
V'Man Brow2.png

V'Man Brow

Man Brow brings up masculine performance, not fierce, not feminine. Add on hairline in between brow hair, look natural and gentleman.


V'Lash Perm

Eyelashes perming can make straight lashes to curl naturally upwards and look longer. Eyes even look bigger, apply mascara without curler and can last longer.

V'Lash Perm2.png
V'Lash Extention2.png

V'Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions is combine artificial eyelashes with real eyelashes through grafting to achieve extend, volume and curl. More charming and gorgeous.

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